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The ECSAA Governors recently met to review all information and forecasts at our disposal related to the COVID pandemic and restrictions in Washington state and across the country.  As a result, and out of our overriding concern for the health and safety of our members, we have decided to cancel the Seattle-based 2020 ECSAA Convention.  In its place, we will be creating a publication, an online program remembering the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW II and a bell-ringing Memorial Service video.  

Up first in early September will be a special 75th Anniversary Edition of the Piper.  To help create this publication, we need your help sourcing historical and biographical content on the ships and the people who served on or with escort carrier task groups during WW II.  Please help by contacting Joyce Wilson to send information or to volunteer ...

    by email to ,

    by mail to ECSAA, 1215 N Military Hwy #128, Norfolk VA  23502,

    by telephone toll Free in the USA: (855) 505-2469. 

We are looking for the following:

    * Biographical photos/text on sailors and airmen:  Please send info on your heroes, or volunteer to assist on this program.

    * Historical accounts of the battle of Okinawa, the end of the war, post war repatriation:  Please send content or leads on such content or volunteer to help.

    * Taps:  Please be sure to let us know of anyone who began their final voyage this year:  Send information or submit electronically to http// .

After the Piper is produced and distributed, we will also launch a WW II Commemorative section of the website complete with a video production of the ECSAA ringing of the bell Memorial Service to honor those who passed this year.  We will need your help again on these efforts.  More info on that later. 

We are deeply saddened about the loss of life and societal impact that the pandemic is continuing to have on us all.  But we do not want to let the cancellation of this year's convention stand in the way of a proper 75th Anniversary celebration and remembrance of the role of the CVE-based task groups played in winning the war.  Please reach into your closets and laptops to share content with us that can tell the stories of those that served and the ships and planes they served on. 

Since the event has been cancelled, please cancel your hotel, rental car and travel plans ASAP.  If you have registered already of the ECSAA Convention, a refund is being processed automatically.  There is nothing you need to do.

Please share this message with others who you feel need to see it.  Also, please feel free to reach out to ECSAA leadership should you have any questions or input / suggestions about the 75th Anniversary Special Edition or online memorial.  In particular, we would love more volunteers to help us with our ambitious plans this summer in creation of the 75th Anniversary program.  Please volunteer by emailing to .

In the meantime, it would be good to consult the CDC for the latest information and guidance related to staying safe & healthy during the pandemic and on how to avoid spreading the disease to others.


Not until 1991, 46 years after the end of the War, was an association formed to represent all CVEs of World War II and Korea. This association was named the Escort Carrier Sailors and Airmen Association, Inc. and is usually referred to as ECSAA.

Today ECSAA has well over 1,000 members and while most WWII veterans groups are facing declining numbers, ECSAA continues to add members every year.  New memberships come from ship-specific organizations that join-up with ECSAA's larger audience spanning all Escort Carrier task groups but also the growing support of descendants.
ECSAA's Board of Governors handles the business affairs of the association, publishes a highly popular quarterly newspaper, The Piper, holds annual conventions in various cities where CVE sailors and airmen and their families meet to visit with old shipmates, make new friends, and recount their days of service aboard the little aircraft carriers which contributed so much to the nation's victory during the war.
One of ECSAA's goals is to carry out programs to educate current and future generations of the vital role the CVEs played during the war.

The story of the escort carriers has never been told. During the War, the nation's press rarely made mention of the CVEs, and their outstanding record of service in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres of war.
ECSAA's educational program consists of placing bronze plaques and displays in key Navy and Maritime museums around the country where millions of visitors of all ages can learn about the escort carriers, the men who manned them, and the valiant pilots and airmen who flew from their decks.
The displays also pay tribute to the six CVEs which were sunk, and our shipmates who died in battle.

1215 N. Military Hwy #128
Norfolk, VA  23502

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